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Klara K Network Honors Anita Sarkeesian With 2016 Penguin Award
On December 6th in Stockholm, Swedish business network Klara K honored Anita Sarkeesian with the Penguin Award 2016 at  this year’s K-Day ceremony. The event brings together scholars, journalists, and policy makers for a conversation on equality, courage and inclusive leadership. The Penguin Award recognizes individuals who have acted with bravery and resilience in the face of opposition, […]
Reflecting on the Brilliance of Ada Lovelace
Feminist Frequency was so excited to share the final episode of Ordinary Women: Daring to Defy History, that we’re releasing it ahead of schedule! Please join us as we reflect on the visionary work of Ada Lovelace, a Victorian noblewoman who foresaw the richness, complexity, and potential of the digital age. This episode is generously sponsored by The Science Ambassador […]
Defying Hate Speech and Threats Against Female Journalists
On December 2, Sweden celebrated the 250th anniversary of the Freedom of the Press Act, which was the first of its kind in the world. To mark the occasion, the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Fojo Media Institute/Linnæus University, the Swedish Institute and the Swedish National Commission for UNESCO gathered a powerful group of female […]
Ideas From the Trenches – Dangerous Games
CBC Radio interviewed Anita and Feminist Frequency board member Dr. Jennifer Jenson of York University for their documentary series In the Trenches. The episode, entitled “Dangerous Games,” features an in-depth look at the work of Ph.D candidate Emma Vossen, “who looks to gamer culture as a microcosm of how sexism is seeded and replicated within broader society.” The interview […]
We were planning to celebrate. Now we’re planning to act.
It’s the end of the year, and Feminist Frequency was planning to celebrate. We were planning to celebrate our amazing accomplishments in 2016, and introduce some of the projects that we have coming up. However, our plans have changed. Over the past few days, women, people of color, trans and queer folks, and many others have […]
Beyond the Safety Pin: The Work Begins Now
My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit. — Flavia Dzodan With Donald Trump winning the 2016 US presidential election, many people in the US have spent the past few days in shock, disbelief and fear. Trump’s racist, sexist rhetoric has had very real consequences, fanning the flames of hatred and white supremacy, and […]
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: The Fight Continues
On November 9, the Feminist Frequency team woke up reeling at the results of the U.S. Presidential election. This is our statement about what the election represents and how we go forward.
Feminist Frequency and Extra Life
  Feminist Frequency goes live on Twitch at 9 am PST on Saturday, November 5 to join in @ExtraLife4Kids! Watch Anita, FemFreq team, and a roster of special guests struggle hilariously to game for 24 hours straight on games like Towerfall, Mario Kart, Spelunky, and VR Batman. This cool event benefits a great cause, and all donations support the […]
Anita Discusses Harassment, History and Ordinary Women on Marketplace Tech
Anita spoke to host Molly Wood of Marketplace Tech about our new series, Ordinary Women.The conversation begins with an anecdote that highlights the importance of telling stories about women’s accomplishments, as Wood states that her nine-year-old son said one day, “It just seems like men did all the really important things.” From there, the two go […]
Check Out What People Are Saying About Ordinary Women: Daring to Defy History
Thanks to the creative magic of our animators, the invaluable advice of our historians and consultants, and of course, the financial support of our amazing backers, Ordinary Women: Daring to Defy History is finally here! Click here to watch our first video on Emma Goldman, and check out what people are saying about this powerful project.