Check Out What People Are Saying About Ordinary Women: Daring to Defy History

Thanks to the creative magic of our animators, the invaluable advice of our historians and consultants, and of course, the financial support of our amazing backers, Ordinary Women: Daring to Defy History is finally here!

Click here to watch our first video on Emma Goldman, and check out what people are saying about this powerful project.


“[This] new series is a powerful counterpoint to historical accounts that omit women altogether or minimize their roles.”

Anita Sarkeesian’s New Web Series Celebrates Defiant Women

Marie Claire

“Ordinary Women is must-watch material.”

Anita Sarkeesian Just Debuted A New Series About The Badass Women You Should Know But Don’t

The Verge

“Nearly everything I saw this year [at XOXO Fest] was something I wanted to share with a friend…The latest crowdfunded project from Anita Sarkeesian’s Feminist Frequency showcases remarkable women across time, cultures, and backgrounds.”

Our Favorite Discoveries from the Internet’s Best Festival


‘In school, young girls and boys, children of all genders, are taught about all these amazing things that men have done throughout human history, but so often the amazing accomplishments of women are completely overlooked. And it’s important to me that we collectively as a culture start to change this because our notions of what women have done in the past can have a real impact on our perceptions of what women can and should do in the present and the future.’

Anita Sarkeesian: Schools Need to Teach History that Includes Women

Boing Boing

“Emma Goldman was dubbed ‘one of the most dangerous women in America’ by J. Edgar Hoover. But that’s just the beginning of a legendary life of keen insight, uncompromising anarchism, and burned bridges.”

The Revolutionary Life of Emma Goldman, Anarchist Legend