Feminist Frequency is a Peabody award-winning nonprofit dedicated to ending toxicity and abuse in the games industry and gaming spaces at large. Founded in 2009 by Anita Sarkeesian, she challenged harmful media representations and advocated for a more inclusive media landscape. Today, the organization runs the Games and Online Harassment Hotline to provide free, confidential emotional support to people who make and play games. Feminist Frequency, in partnership with Take This, launched the Culture Shift Project, a robust training program to combat gender-based harm inside of game studios. Based on a foundation of justice, accountability, and care, Feminist Frequency is making games a better place to work and play.


Anita Sarkeesian

Executive Director

Jae Lin

Programs Manager

Carl Murray Olsen

Hotline Coordinator

Board of Directors

Anita Sarkeesian


Dave Proctor


April Glass

Terrence Williams

Kishonna Gray


Cristina Amaya