Where We Came From

Feminist Frequency began with a borrowed camera and some lights. In 2009, Anita Sarkeesian started making videos examining pop culture from a feminist perspective. The videos aimed to analyze modern media’s relationship to gender, race, and sexuality, and we have always advocated for the just treatment of all people, offline and online.

Where We Are

That focus on online representation and justice led us to our current goal: ending abuse in the games industry. As creators, players, developers and streamers continue to come forward with stories of harassment and abuse online or in the workplace, Feminist Frequency saw a need to make a stand and support those that need it most. In 2020, we established the industry’s first Games and Online Harassment Hotline, a text-based support resource for people who struggle from abuse, burnout, depression, and more. We are continuing to find opportunities to support people and eradicate workplace and office abuse for those that make and play games.

Where we are going

Feminist Frequency has been and will always be dedicated to fighting for a media landscape that treats marginalized groups with fairness and justice. We will continue to stand up for better representation in media and advocate for the emotional support for those that create it.


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