Ordinary Women’s Ida B. Wells Episode Sponsored!

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We are proud to announce that the Ida B. Wells episode of our upcoming animated series, Ordinary Women, is being sponsored by the Harnisch Foundation, an organization whose mission is to create a more fair and equitable world by investing in gender and racial diversity.

The Harnisch Foundation recognizes that storytelling is one of the most powerful vehicles for social change, which is why it’s such a natural fit for them to sponsor our episode about Ida B. Wells. Among other things, Wells was an investigative journalist whose work shone a spotlight on issues of racial injustice. The stories she told in the media brought attention to the ways in which economic discrimination and racial discrimination were often inextricably linked, and helped motivate people to take a stand against the monstrous practice of lynching.

The founder and president of the Harnisch Foundation, Ruth Ann Harnisch, knows firsthand the impact of media representation, having been a journalist who shattered glass ceilings in broadcast news in Nashville. Like her, we believe that telling the stories of amazing women such as Ida B. Wells can contribute to a more equitable world in which girls and women have the wherewithal to pursue their full potential in journalism or any field. (Currently, American newsrooms are predominantly male and overwhelmingly white.) We are very pleased to partner with the Harnisch Foundation to bring you the story of Ida B. Wells, who proved that the stories we tell can help change the world.

If you or your organization are interested in sponsoring an episode of Ordinary Women, we would love to talk to you!

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