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Feminist Frequency and Crash Override Partnership

March 3, 2016


Crash Override and Feminist Frequency are proud to announce a new partnership. As of March 1, 2016, Feminist Frequency, a 501(c)3 non profit organization is the fiscal sponsor of Crash Override. By accepting tax-deductible donations through this partnership, Crash Override will be able to greatly expand operations, assist more people, and create more resources for the public, all for free. Together, Feminist Frequency and Crash Override will work to make a safer internet for everyone.

“Crash Override is an invaluable resource in combating online harassment and helping targets when they are most vulnerable.” said Anita Sarkeesian, Executive Director of Feminist Frequency. “This partnership helps further Feminist Frequency’s mission of ending online harassment and I’m thrilled we can support this essential work.”

In addition to this partnership, Crash Override has completely updated the organization’s website and developed a new free tool to combat online abuse called COACH – Crash Override’s Automated Cybersecurity Helper. Co-founder Zoe Quinn used a tool normally used to make games to make an interactive, easy-to-follow security checklist that allows anyone to secure their accounts, remove personal information, and protect their privacy at their own pace.

“We’re hoping that COACH can use the strength of interactivity to assist even more people. By taking huge guides and breaking them down into smaller step-by-step bites, we hope to bring practical digital self-defense to an even wider audience,” said Zoe Quinn, co-founder of Crash Override.

Crash Override, founded by Zoe Quinn and Alex Lifschitz, is a crisis support network, advocacy group, and resource center for people who are experiencing online abuse. Since launching in January 2015, their crisis helpline has supported over 1,000 people, and countless more have been assisted by the tools and guides in their public resource center. Crash Override has advocated for our clients to tech giants like Twitter and Google, and in the public eye at Congress and the United Nations.

More information about Crash Override can be found at www.crashoverridenetwork.com


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