May Marks our Anniversary, Campaign and New Show

This is a big month for us! May is Feminist Frequency’s anniversary – and this May, we’re not just celebrating eight years of advocating for inclusive media. We launched our brand-new series, The FREQ Show, and have four new episodes coming out over the next few weeks (look out for upcoming videos here, on our website, and on our YouTube channel). And, we’re raising $20,000 by May 31st to help us make four new episodes for the first season.

What is it we’re raising money for?
The FREQ Show. Our new series that looks at today’s most pressing social issues to consider how the things that we watch, listen to and play actively influence our daily interactions.

In our first four FREQ Show videos, including this first episode on Whitewashing, we: examine how homophobic and body-shaming rhetoric is used to criticize the President (instead of, you know, pointing to the plethora of concrete, heinous political infractions); analyze how anti-trans media over the years connects to the current crusade against trans people by way of the bathroom; and finally, we break down how representations in video games, movies and TV conflate and spread inaccurate understandings of Arab and Muslim. Phew! And, these are just our first four topics.

Why are we raising $20,000 this May?
We know that the social issues we’re talking about in The FREQ Show, from reproductive rights to mass incarceration to representations of sexual assault in mainstream TV, affect each one of us, every single day – and we’re going to keep speaking up about them, loudly! That’s why we’re releasing The FREQ Show regularly, every other Thursday, starting this May. This month, $20,000 will jump-start our next four episodes to keep the show going. These issues need to be discussed; by donating, you can help us do just that.

What and how can I contribute? 
We can get to our goal – but only with you beside us. Below is a glimpse of some costs associated with The FREQ Show, and just some of the direct ways you can join us now.

$50 to keep our new videos free to everyone – and also ad free
You can help us not only make new videos – but also keep our videos ad free (because who wants to endure 30 seconds of advertising every single time they press play?)
$250 towards graphic design and motion graphics
You can help us make The FREQ Show the best-looking Feminist Frequency series yet, supporting slick motion graphics that help us make our points even more effectively.
$600 to film an episode of the FREQ Show
You’ll cover all of the camera and audio costs of shooting one of our FREQ Show episodes
$1,200 to film two full FREQ Show episodes
Your generosity will pay for an entire day of filming, time during which we can shoot two new FREQ Show episodes in their entirety

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