It’s time to finally kick down the door of the sexist, misogynist, and abusive culture that pervades gaming. Over the last 11 years, donor support has helped us prove not only that media has the power to change the world, but that collectively, we have the power to change media.

Donors like you made a decade of progress possible, and it’s only made us bolder. We’re not satisfied with just pointing out the problems anymore. Now, we’re focused on supporting our community through them, and on working together to solve them. And we still need you with us. 

In 2021, our goals are: 

  • Keeping the Games and Online Harassment Hotline open to support the gaming community. 
  • Expanding the hours of the Hotline so that we can help more people, whenever they might need it. Right now, 86% of people reach out when the hotline isn’t open. 
  • Launching a leadership program within gaming companies that we hope will lead to industry-wide transformation. We’ll be working with company leaders to shed light on toxicity in their culture, and designing an action plan with them that will help create safer and more representative environments and stop perpetuating harm in the industry.
  • Continuing Good Tips for Hard Times, a live-streamed interview series where we talk to smart people who have great advice to help you get through your days.
  • Continuing our podcasts, videos, and articles that encourage viewers to critically engage with modern mass media and its relationship to gender, race, and sexuality.

Your donation will provide critically needed emotional support based on the unique needs of gaming and online communities, and create and sustain workable upstream solutions that can unravel the toxicity in gaming culture at the source.

Together, we can help gaming and online communities begin to move past toxicity, misogyny, abuse and harassment, and become a safer space for everyone.

If you want to help people in your community find support for their struggles, donate now.

If you believe that we can transform the gaming industry, donate now. 

Your actions can tip the scales. We just need to do it together!

Reminder! Many companies and organizations have matching gift programs that will double or even triple your contribution. Check with your company’s HR department to see if they can help multiply the impact of your gift.

Feminist Frequency is a 501c3 non-profit charity.
All donations are tax-deductible by the fullest extent allowed by law.