FREQ #11: Teal Sherer Talks – Feminist Frequency

FREQ #11: Teal Sherer Talks

January 12, 2017

Each month, FREQ will bring you the latest news and updates from Feminist Frequency, as well as interviews with some of the most inspiring women in media. Our latest issue features an interview with Teal Sherer.

Teal Sherer’s acting resume, which includes roles in film, theater and television, also boasts several special skills that few actors possess — including wheelies. An actor and producer in her own right, Sherer is an outspoken advocate for other actors with disabilities in the entertainment industry, where the roles offered to them are far and few between, and often defined by their disability rather than their talent. She’s also worked to lead the way, by creating the exact sort of nuanced role she wants to see in her comedy web series My Gimpy Life, which takes a lightly fictionalized look at her own experiences with living and working in Hollywood as a person in a wheelchair. FREQ talked to Sherer about the making of My Gimpy Life, “inspiration porn” and how Hollywood needs to change its approach to disability.

Read the full interview now!

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