FFR #69: Batman Returns (and Ebony goes missing)

This week, the crew hosts writer, designer, and founder of Sweet Baby Inc, Kim Belair for a hilarious discussion of the 1992 cinematic classic Batman Returns! Before that, though, Caro serves up a heapin’ helpin’ of cringeworthy Pop Culture News (this week’s topics included info about James Gunn’s rehiring for Guardians of the Galaxy 3; Operation Varsity Blues; and Dean Cain confirming why he was the worst Superman). The show wraps with some freq’in out about Spelunky 2, anxiety management, and Nils Frahm.
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0:00 The fun begins
1:53 Anita pulls back the curtain on edibles
5:07 Pop Culture News
15:35 Batman Returns
48:03 What’s Your FREQ Out
56:12 Listener FREQ Out from Amanda!
The experience of seeing Nils Frahm live: https://twitter.com/anitasarkeesian/status/1106811053344591872