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Submit Your FemFreq Radio FREQ Outs!

So…What’s Your FREQ Out!?

Submit your FREQ Out and you might be featured on the podcast! A FREQ Out is anything you want to share with the world, like an exciting new TV show, a book you love, or your favorite fanfiction. But FREQ Outs don’t have to be celebrations; they can also involve something you are angry or upset about, like yet another giant media merger, a really bad movie you had high hopes for, or a childhood favourite of yours that just doesn’t hold up.

Please keep your audio files to a minute and send us a link via Dropbox, Google Drive, or another hosting service.


Feminist Frequency Radio

We want your FREQ outs!

Did you watch something recently that you loved? Read something that you hated? Listen to something that really made you think? Whatever it is you’re FREQ-ing out about, we want to hear from you! Submit your FREQ-Out today and we may use it in a future episode of Feminist Frequency Radio! And be sure to subscribe to FFR today to hear us dish on the latest in pop culture every week from our fresh, fun, and critical feminist perspective.