FFR #64: Anita, Carolyn, and Ebony Are the Best Russian Dolls

The triple[doll] threat is back in the Keanu Reeves Memorial Studio & Herbarium this week for a dive into the mindbending world of Netflix’s new series, Russian Doll. The comedy-drama, created by Natasha Lyonne, Amy Poehler, and Leslye Headland, is hilarious, moving, thoughtful, surreal, brash, and unapologetic in its tough love for Natasha Lyonne’s game developer character, who is forced to relive her 36th birthday. Basically, we deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for Podcasting for this episode.
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0:00 Intro banter (Ebony is not happy with how Black History Month is going)
3:26 Entertainment News (Liam Neeson straight up walked around hoping to commit a racist murder; but Michelle Rodriguez thinks his kisses on screen prove he can’t be racist; VA’s state pastime might just be donning blackface; Apex Legends has one gay male and one non-binary player character — straight white male gamer dudes predictably lose their shit)
15:06 Russian Doll
41:25 What’s Your FreqOut Deal? (Horror Noire, Resident Evil 2, Beautiful Boy, The Wife)
51:30 Listener FREQOut! Thanks, Rob!