Happy Birthday to Us…Our Gift Is YOU


It’s officially one of our favorite months of the year! This May, we’re celebrating our 9th anniversary and our Second Annual Spring Campaign. We have so much in store for you over the next few months, but the biggest is undoubtedly the one so many of you keep asking about: the second season of The FREQ Show! This season, we’re going to back to basics and breaking down some key terms that we think everyone should understand, but whose exact definitions might not be clear to you. We’re talking things like privilege, intersectionality, misogyny, media literacy, and more! To help us produce this powerhouse pop culture and politics primer,  along with all the other engaged media criticism and online safety resources you depend on, we’re hoping to raise $35,000 by May 31st. Can you help make the world a little more media savvy and politically aware?

Over the past year, we’ve been talking, writing, and teaching about important topics like toxic masculinity, the marketing of mainstream feminism, reproductive justice, and and we’re going to keep speaking up about them, loudly! With so much work to be done, we’re hoping we can raise $35,000 by May 31st to support us in our efforts–and we can’t do it without you.


The FREQ Show season 1

Last year, we launched The FREQ Show with the intention of answering the question: What do representations of gender, race, and sexuality in pop culture have to do with the current social and political climate? We wanted to look at today’s most pressing social issues to consider how the things that we watch, listen to, and play actively influence our daily interactions. You watched and engaged with each episode, and called out for more! Thank you for being part of Feminist Frequency’s efforts create the kind of vital, thought-provoking, intersectional feminist media analysis that makes a difference.

Why are we raising $35,000?

Producing the intersectional feminist work we create costs money; and in order to have the resources to continue our work, we need your support. $35,000 will help us produce The FREQ Show, our new Tropes series looking at queer representations, our podcasts, and more!

I’m in! How can I contribute?

We’ve worked hard to make sure that our costs are pretty simple, streamlined, and straightforward. It includes things we need throughout the year, like web hosting services, graphic design and animation work, and video+ audio editing. If you want to support this thoughtful, necessary media criticism, join us now and know that you’re helping to ensure that a just and equitable media landscape for everyone.