FREQ #17: Ann Leckie Imagines A World Without Gender


Our latest issue of the FREQ newsletter features an interview with the fascinating Ann Leckie, who wrote her critically-acclaimed and best-selling debut novel, Ancillary Justice, when she was a stay-at-home mom well into her 40s without any published work to her name. The novel explores a fantastical universe through the eyes of a sentient AI ship called Justice of Toren, and it went on to win the hat trick of sci-fi literary achievement: Hugo, Nebula and Arthur C. Clarke Awards. Along with the sequels, Ancillary Sword and Ancillary Mercy, it takes place in a vast interplanetary empire where people are not distinguished by gender, and where the default pronoun is “she.” With her fourth book, Provenance, hitting shelves on September 26th, FREQ spoke to Leckie about the complexities of gender identity and language, in both the fantasy worlds we create and the real world where we live.

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