FREQ #12: Sophie Campbell Wants More of Everything

Every month, the FREQ newsletter features great interviews with some of the most inspiring women in media, as well as exciting FemFreq news. Our latest issue features an interview with the phenomenally talented Sophie Campbell. 

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While mainstream comic books have often been criticized for their their hyper-idealized, objectifying and sometimes interchangeable drawings of women, the work of Sophie Campbell has often felt like an antidote: full of diverse, stylish and unmistakably distinct female characters. She made her name in the comics world with Wet Moon, a graphic novel series about a young queer woman growing up in a small Southern town, Shadoweyes, a sci-fi series with a shapeshifting female hero, and Glory, a relaunch of the ‘90s superheroine that traded in the character’s swimsuit model physique for a muscular female physicality rarely seen on the page.


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