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Amplify Your Involvement, Action 4: Advocacy

December 27, 2016

Advocacy is an integral part of Feminist Frequency’s mission. For us, it means actively speaking up for an inclusive and representative media landscape and the eradication of online harassment. It also means producing educational work, attending conferences and events, and promoting similarly focused projects and organizations.

Advocacy is a significant component of nearly every cause out there. Sometimes it’s collective, and at others times individual. Sometimes, it means picking up the phone and calling your local representative to express your concern over a particular policy. At other times, it means marching in a protest like the many happening across the US in past weeks. Since advocacy might seem overwhelmingly broad, here are some ways that you can join in.

1. Be an ally. We hear about allies a lot these days — but what is an ally, anyway? Beyond merely ascribing to a label, being an ally means leaving space for others to engage and speak about their experiences, listening intently, and responding in kind when asked for support. This excellent article provides clear “how-to” actions, as does this video, 5 Tips for Being an Ally.

2. Be visible. Advocacy can also mean making your support visible and speaking up for the folks that aren’t — or can’t be — present. This is especially applicable if you’re in a homogenous space, like if you’re a man amongst a group exclusively composed of other men. For some great resources elaborating how to be a feminist, regardless of your gender experience, check out this article. To learn how to stand up for others and against hate, check out this Bystander Intervention Webinar.

3. Be active. Get out there and support some of the wonderful people, groups and organizations that are doing the important, community-based advocacy work each day. Every extra dollar, phone call, social media share, or body that shows up for a meeting or march makes a difference.

To hear Anita speak a bit more about advocacy work, check out this video from our Facebook page:

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This is it. This is our final week of Amplify Your Involvement. And, this is your final chance to contribute. Thank you for coming along with us on this month-long ride; we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


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