Visual Harassment and Identity Vandalism

Everything that follow is comes with some trigger warnings.

Women who not only speak up about gender issues but also dare to show their face online. PennyRed wrote about her experience recently etc. All of these images were download from the video game forums at the center of the harassment campaign. I’ve blurred out or added descriptive text on a couple but otherwise they are exactly as they appeared on the forums.

Click to see larger version. I’ve blurred out the cartoon image

Wikipedia page vandalism. This screen cap was passed around proudly as a trophy on the forums.

Google search results after vandalism. This screen cap was uploaded to boost about the harassment to much congratulations.

Abusing flagging and reporting functions
Again these are screen shots uploaded by the harasses to impress and show other harassers how to abuse these online services.


Photoshop and meme harassment. I’m only uploading a few examples and these are not the worst of it. A favorite tactic is to pause my videos and take a screenshot in mid-blink then caption it with the word feminism or derp or something more misogynist.

This image based internet silencing tactic is not new its often used to discourage women from speaking up. This last image was part of a meme generator created by /b/ a several months ago.