Kickstarter Project Funded with 6967 Backers!

June 17, 2012

An absolutely astonishing 6,967 of you pledged $158,917 to support Tropes vs Women in Video Games!

Who knew running a Kickstarter campaign could be such a roller coaster ride!? I am truly and sincerely honored by the outpouring of support for this project.  It gives me great hope to see that so many people of all genders are concerned about the way women are represented in gaming.  I’m also deeply moved by the fact that so many of you are standing with me against this staggering tidal wave of hate and harassment.  After the last two weeks, I have to say, I’m pretty exhausted but so very excited about what is to come with the future of Tropes vs Women in Video Games.

Backers can keep up to date on my Kickstarter page where I will be posting regular production updates and details about the evolution of the project and how it will expand given all the extra funding.

Media Round Up

Below I’ve posted a few of the interviews and articles that have appeared on blogs and news sites discussing this project, the recent attacks on me and some thoughtful commentary about online harassment in gaming and on the internet in general. (A word of warning before entering the comments in some of these articles)

Note: This list is regularly updated

From Samus to Lara: An Interview With Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency – Gamespot
How Anita Sarkeesian funded a project about video game sexism – PMSClan
Tropes Vs Women in Video Games – Gaming As Women
Feminist Take on Games Draws Crude Ridicule, Massive Support – Wired
Interview: Anita Sarkeesian, games, and Tropes vs. Women – Destructoid
Women and Gaming: Smashing Stereotypes – CBC Radio “The Current”
Woman Vs. Internet: How Anita Sarkeesian beat the trolls – GamesIndustry International

Dear Internet This Is Why You Can’t Have Anything Nice – New Statesman
Think sexism’s OK in games, you may be in the wrong century – Guardian
Winning Without Cheat Codes: Jay Smooth On Gaming And Harassment – Forbes
Feminist pop-culture critic faces off against sexist gamers – Globe and Mail
Tropes vs. Women: How misogynist trolls accidentally funded feminism – Macleans
Online Misogyny: Can’t Ignore It, Can’t Not Ignore It – Slate
Lara Croft battles male jerks – Salon

Tropes Vs. Women In Video Games Vs. The Internet – Rock Paper Shotgun
This Week In Harassment – The Borderhouse Blog
Kickstarter Video Project Attracts Misogynist Horde – The Escapist
Tropes vs Movie Bob – The Big Picture, The Escapist [VIDEO]
Feminist Frequency Kickstarter project smashes target – Games Industry
Awful Things Happen When You Try to Make a Video About Video Game Stereotypes – Kotaku

When There’s So Much Bullshit Online, You Forget How to Feel – Jezebel
Backlash to the Feminist Frequency Kickstarter – Geek Feminism
The All-Too-Familiar Harassment Against Feminist Frequency, and What The Gaming Community Can Do About It – The Mary Sue

34 Responses to “Kickstarter Project Funded with 6967 Backers!”

  1. congrats!

    too bad i missed the whole thing. would have loved to contribute too.


  2. As a gamer, and male feminist, I am very much looking forward to this series. The donations are evidence that your are not alone, and that we ar many gamers who would love a well researched series on gaming.

    The reactions to your project on youtube are depressing, but show that misogny is well alive. i look forward to your videos, and i will share them with all my gamer friends.
    Best of luck, and keep on figting the good fight!


  3. Congrats Anita! You deserve it. Can’t wait for the series to start.


  4. I couldn’t donate to your Kickstarter for technical reasons, but I would like to know what is going to happen as well. Do you think you can maybe give me (and people like me) a glimpse into what you”ll be doing? I’m very excited to see what you’re going to be doing.


  5. Best possible news to start the week!!

    Congratulations Anita, all of this is more than well-deserved. We look forward to the videos!!!!!


  6. Fantastic. I’ve no idea how the hell you’re going to spend 30x more than you asked for but I’m sure that it’ll be as eloquent as the rest of your videos!


  7. It really has been an interesting two weeks for us following this project too. All the backing should be evidence enough that this matters to people of any gender, not just to *women.

    I’m looking forward to the result! I bet it will be excellent as always🙂 xo


  8. Hello Anita,

    congratulations! This is sooooooo amazing! I was starting getting used to have Kickstarter campaigns for games literally blasting the roof off my hut; but seeing such a serious and your honest effort really dwarves these so much, which is kind of cool besides incredible, awesome, amazing and wonderful! I am very, very pleased about the results on your kickstarter campaign; and I am very happy that there are so many major and minor web-media and blogs supporting you on this project.

    It is so sad to see that there was and still is so much hate on the web about what you like to do and what you have achieved so far; and reading some of those insults and harassment makes me really wonder what’s really wrong with some people being of “my” gender. But, hack, best thing to do might be to simply consider them inferior and limited in some ways …

    Anyway: Although I cannot support you financially, I believe in what you do so much. I’m really curious and excited about the results of your new series about women, tropes and video-games as well as subsequent projects you may consider in the future. I enjoyed your earlier shows already a lot, because they/ YOU made me think and re-think things about those parts of pop-culture I am used to “live” in. Thank you so much. These different perspectives you share are very welcome to me.

    Kind regards and all the best!
    – Germany –


  9. Congratulations.


  10. Just wanted to point out another media mention, though the article itself focuses more on E3 “Booth Babes” (and the issues with them existing):


  11. Congratulations! I hope you manage to look at some of the women in BioWare’s games, especially Isabela from DA2. Lots of interesting reactions to her character.


  12. I was directed to your website thru the illdoctine video. I read some of the comments on your yourtube page and would just like to offer empathy and thanks. Sorry you have to face such intense crappy shit from those men. Thanks for doing this it will change womens lives in the long run and as a dad I am especially appreciative how this one battle will further more room for my daughter online.


  13. Just wanted to say congratulations. What you do is worthy of praise and deserving of support.

    I also wanted to share a blog post that you missed.

    You’ve got support amongst the atheists as well. At least the ones that care about social justice.

    Thanks for putting yourself out there and doing what you do.


  14. Missed the Kickstarter. Subscribed instead.


  15. congrats!

    I just discovery your videos, and I’m loving it!!!!!

    I’m really looking forward for the series!


  16. Let the insane people be insane. I’m glad you’re making these videos. They’re always insightful and leave me thinking about aspects of pop culture I’d never considered before. I can’t wait to see your new batch of videos. Congrats on the Kickstarter project!



  17. Hey Anita,
    I love your videos! I found it via a french website a year ago and I watched all your videos ever since! I showed it to my family and friends who found it very educational. There’s a lot of work to do against sexism here in France, and we need more people like you to hightlight us about the subject!
    I just want you to know that french newspapers and websites talked about you last week.
    I can’t wait to see your new project!


  18. Hi Anita!

    I made a donation to your project which I think is very important. I studied game design in Sweden a couple of years ago and raised some of the gender issues in gaming only to be frozen out by the class and school community.

    Your great work is so needed to this industry!

    Smultron, Hawaii Kawaii Blog


  19. Congratulations on not only reaching your goal but surpassing it. I look forward to seeing where you go with this.

    And even if I or others do not agree with your analysis, I hope this sparks some serious dialog about this problem that doesn’t devolve into snarky and vile rants.

    Hopefully this leads to more lead female protagonists in games. I for one am getting tired of seeing wall to wall dudes at my local Gamestop.


  20. Apart from all the hatred you recieved, it’s good to see that the problem of sexism is finale recognised as a problem in the gaming community.
    Don’t know if you watched it already but movie bob (one of the smarter people in gaming) has made a video about the incident.

    And don’t forget the critic on the “punching nun’s” trailers for the new Hitman.

    So i would say don’t give up, its moving :p.


  21. I'm excited to see where this goes.

    May I humbly recommend committing some of your new found resources to a blue-screen suite, so you can fly around and punch trolls.


  22. I’m so appalled by the misogynist troll posting (I could only read so many before I started to literally feel sick to my stomach) but I’m so happy you’re doing this video anyway and also bringing attention to the issue of sexist youtube/internet trolling. They were not only horribly sexist but also racist and homophobic. I love your vlog and commend you for being so strong and standing up to these internet bullies!


  23. Hello, I just wanted to say that I am incredibly excited for this web series. I’m so glad that you’re doing it, and thrilled with the support that you’ve gotten combating the negativity. I was reading through one of the articles you had posted and I saw a man mention that he’d be interested in seeing a series on how men are portrayed in video games. I just wanted to say that I would LOVE it if you were to do this. I feel like it is an important issue which is often missed, and I feel that it would be fascinating to watch. I realize that this doesn’t fall into the genre in which you tend to create, but I feel that it would be a fantastic counter part to your female trope series.

    Regardless, I am looking forward to seeing the videos!


  24. Hi!
    Just wanted to tell you that there was a short post on a swedish feminist blog about your project. Hannah of the blog “One-way Communication”, who have written a lot about gender in video games and movies (example: about the Hitman trailer quite recently) recieved a letter from a game developer who appriciated her work a lot and told her a few word about his/her experience in the field. She/He ended the letter by recommending your kickstart project.
    Here’s the link (in swedish):

    Yours Björn, Sweden
    PS: Love your work!


  25. you made it to the german press:

    alltogether a very positive article, if you do not read german, maybe so. can translate it!

    but of course, most of the commnets below are crap, as usual ppl are derailing.

    love from europe.


  26. Congratulations!

    They had an article about your project and the harassment in sweden’s largest news paper as well.



  27. Hi, new person here.
    Can non-backers see the videos? I didn’t back because I was too late.

    And if so, will the videos be posted on non-Youtube sites? I don’t wanna accidentally read the comments.


  28. Congratulations, Anita!

    Your work is really illuminating. As I really like computer games, I am very excited about the new video series. Especially about your opinion on Sarah Kerrigan from StarCraft. Somewhen later this year or early next year the next part of StarCraft will be released with her as the main character.


  29. Anita!

    I have watched your videos for a while now and hadn’t been to your website in a few months- so I missed this all- but WOW- and thank you. I am a feminist and a gamer and it really does not surprise me at all the response you got. I play starcraft online a lot and while playing I basically have two choices- don’t tell the opponent I am a woman (They usually say Good luck bro/man, so I have opportunity) and listen the LGBT slurs and then if I win what they want to do to my mother- or sister – or other family member (hint: it is usually violent and/or sexual). Or I can say I am a woman and then take the hate on directly. I report people- and often loose games because I am typing in dept responses to their hate speech (usually why it is hate speech). People may think this is an exaggeration- but I get either LGBT or anti-woman slurs typed in probably about half my games. And I have to take this just because I like playing an RTS?

    That was a long way of saying I appreciate what you are doing and look forward to your videos! And I am sorry I missed your kickstarter campaign. Woman gamers are few and far between but I am sure we will all enjoy this series, we live in a bit of a strange limbo between feminist ideas and a love of video games.

    (The torn woman with a copy of bitch magazine and a Sara Karrigan statue on her desk)


  30. As a game designer that wants to help the industry move past the archaic stereotypical methods of portraying both women and men, I am very excited by the prospect of the series. I am ashamed to call myself male, with regard to the amount of abuse you have received with something as simple as a webshow about the portrayal of women, but with the hard work of people like you, awareness can grow and the entire culture can evolve.


  31. I really don’t understand all the crap people say to and about you online. I admit I don’t agree with every single point in your videos,but I enjoy watching them. I’m sorry some people can’t hear an opinion without resorting to name calling.


  32. Well, I feel compelled to make sure someone suggests you three or four titles that might be already on your list (or I hope so). I think those games I’m about to mention portray women in a well driven manner, but as a game designer, I’m really interested in knowing your opinion and analysis. You mentioned Portal in your Kickstarter video series as an example of a well portrayed female character, and of course I know that’s just one example for promotion purposes, but I wanted to suggest Half-Life series as well, specially Half-Life 2 and its subsequent episodes (Half-Life has female characters as leading roles in an expansion entitled Half-Life: Decay, but not in the main game). Valve Software worries a lot about creating well developed female characters, but again, I can stress enough how badly I want to hear your opinion. As a matter of fact, you could review Left 4 Dead series too, which suffers of the Smurfette Principle, but besides that I think it portrays strong and well written female characters. I want to complete the suggestion list with Silent Hill (the first game), Beyond Good & Evil and I’m not sure if you can manage to play the game before the release of your videos (you probably can’t), but you might as well review the upcoming game Bioshock Infinite. To finish, I want to know what do you think about Ico, I think it is a very special case to study, I don’t know how to describe the female character that somehow drives the game. Thanks in advance.


  33. As a male feminist I’d like to compliment you for such work. Sure there’ll be some upset and crazy guys (and girls, unfortunately) harrassing and menacing you but I guess that’s some recurring thing in revolutions. Taking a blow on such demonstrations of sexism on games will allow not only a discussion (I hope) on such behavior in this media, but also in the general society. The feminist movement will always be faced by such challenges. In the past, books were the main media used to reduce (young) women to stereotypes. But then came Kate Chopin, Beauvoir, Jean Rhys, etc. Some things changed because of their denunciation. Unfortunately, now the games are the source of such shameful trend. I hope your work enlighten other people and widen the discussion to the academic areas – but first, that it hits society right in the groin.😀


  34. I want to send you $$$ for your project!! Not a gamer, myself, but raising a son who, by G-d, better not turn out to be a misogynist prick like the trolls attacking you.



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