What Is Intersectionality? The FREQ Show: Meet Me at the Corner (of Oppression and Marginalization)

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard the term “intersectionality” a lot in recent years. But do you know the fascinating story of where the term comes from? And do you know what it actually means? In this episode of The FREQ Show, we’ve got you covered, illuminating the origins of the term intersectionality, what intersectionality is, and why it is so important to modern feminist and social justice movements.

In this season of The FREQ Show, Ebony and Carolyn are joining the fun as we take you on a guided tour through many of the cultural forces that shape our lives every day, whether we realize it or not. Catch our previous episode about privilege, and stay tuned for the rest of the season as we illuminate the interconnected web of forces such as white supremacy and misogyny that have a profound impact on how we live while simultaneously remaining seemingly invisible to so many.

This episode owes a debt to the work of Ijeoma Oluo. We strongly encourage anyone interested in issues of race, feminism, and intersectionality to read her book, So You Want to Talk About Race.