What happens when game devs go on strike? (w/ Emma Kinema and Kristen Perez)

What should folks new to the games industry look for in a job environment? What do you do when work conditions are poor? What are some potential red flags when starting a new job? What does the community between workers look like? How do you get started with making a union? Anita Sarkeesian interviews with Emma Kinema of CODE-CWA and Kristen Perez of VOW Together about the Voltage Entertainment Writers Strike, unionizing, and working towards better treatment in the games industry.


Campaign to Organize Digital Employees in the Tech, Games, and Digital Industries – https://www.code-cwa.org/
CODE-CWA Twitter https://twitter.com/CODE_CWA
VOW Together, first successful game worker strike in history of game dev – https://twitter.com/VOW_Together


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