WE ARE THE BEST!: Saying goodbye to co-host Carolyn Petit with A Very Caro Movie | FFR 172

It’s Caro’s last episode as co-host of the Feminist Frequency Radio Podcast, but she’s lightening the weight on our hearts with her final delightful discussion pick: the irreverent 2013 gem WE ARE THE BEST! about a group of young teen girls forming a punk band in 1982 Sweden. Another perfectly “Caro Movie” that focuses on beautiful, character-driven storytelling, WE ARE THE BEST! captures those golden moments of adolescence when everything seems both possible and impossible at once. Friendships seem to burn brighter; parental attention starts to chafe; and identity is an ever-changing kaleidoscope. Listen in for our discussion as we say goodbye.

Time Stamps:
8:20 – Main discussion on We Are the Best!
41:53 – What’s your Freq Out?
* Anita on the film Desert Hearts (1985) directed by Donna Deitch
* Caro on the film Sweat (2020) directed by Magnus von Horn
* Ebony on the 2016 crime drama series Maigret
* Guest Freq Out from listener Kit on the 6 book series Murderbot Diaries
* Submit your own FREQ out at feministfrequency.com/FREQOUT

Links Mentioned:
* Caro’s haircut – https://twitter.com/carolynmichelle/status/1421182463649280001
* Bitch Media review of We Are the Best! – https://www.bitchmedia.org/post/we-are-the-best-is-a-joyous-coming-of-age-film-about-young-punks

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