unpacking TÁR with special guest A.C. LAMBERTY | FFR 220

We’re talking about Todd Field’s first film in 16 years: the Cate Blanchett showpiece Tár. A darling of the Venice Film Festival, and heavily buzzed about for awards consideration, Tár is a meandering two-hour and 38-minute journey through its titular character’s fall from grace. Joining our conversation is special guest, filmmaker, and entertainment professional, A.C. Lamberty, to help us unpack the film’s difficult subject matter and complex presentation.

CW: The film we’re discussing deals with subjects of suicide and abuse of power, so please listen with caution.

Time Stamps:
38:24 – What’s your Freq Out?
* Anita on the film Barbarian
* A.C. on the vampire films he’s been watching this autumn
* Kat on the series Alaska Daily

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* FFR episode on The White Lotus – https://feministfrequency.com/theyre-all-monstrous-the-white-lotus-with-special-guest-teddy-dief-feminist-frequency-radio-176-2/

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