TUCA & BERTIE ARE BACK! with special guest Annalee Newitz | Feminist Frequency Radio 175

Anita and Ebony are joined by author, journalist and podcaster Annalee Newitz to talk about the highly anticipated second season (that almost didn’t happen) of Tuca & Bertie. Two years and a hundred episodes of this podcast ago, we talked about the first season of this show and have been pleased to see this season offers even more weird delights from its off kilter bird world, and continues to charm and move audiences with its bracing honesty, sincere compassion, and lots of boob jokes.

Time Stamps:
9:42 – Main discussion on Season Two of Tuca & Bertie
52:25 – What’s your Freq Out? * SCIENCE EDITION *
* Annalee on who believe in evolution
* Ebony on the mysterious sex life of eels
* Anita on the film The Hunger (1983)
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Links Mentioned:
* https://twitter.com/danielradosh/status/1429447309528604672?s=24
* https://robineisenberg.com/
* https://www.eurekalert.org/news-releases/925987
* https://www.ted.com/talks/lucy_cooke_no_one_can_figure_out_how_eels_have_sex/transcript?language=en
* https://screenrant.com/bojack-horseman-tuca-bertie-same-universe/
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* ouropinionsarecorrect.com
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* annaleenewitz.com

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