Tools every community moderator needs in their tool box (with Gino Grieco)

How do you find the right mods for your community or online space? When do you ban, when do you slow, and when do you direct message? And what does it mean to give people a second or third chance and to allow for community members to grow and change? Kishonna Gray interviews Gino Grieco about his long history as a volunteer community moderator at Giant Bomb, how moderators can facilitate friendlier online spaces, and some different perspectives of what a successful community means.


Some links from Gino:
Here are some examples of forum rules that I think are good starting points for setting codes of conduct for sites :
Gino’s podcast Deep Listens:
Read Gino’s writing:
Gino is a moderator on
Follow Gino on my Twitter,

Check out Kishonna’s book, Intersectional Tech:


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