Thinking critically about the immigrant experience with Little America

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This week on the podcast we are delighted to think critically about the Apple TV+ series Little America. The anthology, from makers of The Big Sick and Master of None, puts the immigrant experience at the center of its plot. Currently available to view without a subscription and already renewed for a second season, this series presents stand-alone episodes observing the story and life of an individual immigrant living in the United States. Join us as we take a look at several episodes, from the tale of a young boy left to run the family motel when his parents are deported, or a Nigerian college student in Oklahoma who loves American cowboy culture, to a Syrian refugee seeking asylum in the US so that he can live openly as a gay man, and explore how successfully Little America presents their stories.

Time Stamps:
6:36 – Main Discussion on Little America
42:56 – What’s Your Freq Out?
* Carolyn on Unorthodox, Netflix series
* Ebony on this Buzzfeed Bollywood movie list: and song from Little America by Punjabi folk singer Arif Lohar –
* Anita on the Parks and Recreation reunion –

Links Mentioned:
* Lilly Wachowski twitter response to Elon Musk and Ivanka Trump taking “the red pill” –

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