the rich & forgotten history of Women in Film, feat. Dr Shelley Stamp | FFR 201

We’re kicking off our Hollywood by Decade series with the inception of filmmaking in the 1910s and 20s. Specifically, we’ll be looking at director Lois Weber’s film, SHOES. Released in 1916 at the height of Weber’s power and popularity as one of the top filmmakers of the time, the film tackles poverty, prostitution, and gender pay inequity. Ebony pops in, and she and Anita are joined by Dr. Shelley Stamp, writer and professor of film and digital media at UC Santa Cruz, and the person who quite literally wrote the book on Lois Weber. Listen in for a fascinating discussion of early filmmaking.

Links Mentioned:
* Books:
* Lois Weber in Early Hollywood
* Movie-Struck Girls
* Movies:
* Pioneers: First Women Filmmakers (selections are also streaming on Netflix)
* Shoes
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