The Good Digital Moustache Removal Place: Episode Two of Feminist Frequency Radio

Welcome to episode two of Feminist Frequency Radio! We’re the show that encourages you to be critical of the media you love, or we’re the feminist killjoys coming to take your media away, depending on your point of view. This week, Carolyn warms things up by sharing her concerns about Amazon’s forthcoming The Lord of the Rings prequel series, and she brings up People’s latest pick for the coveted title of Sexiest Man Alive, though only so she has an excuse to mention the old Rampage arcade game in a roundabout way. Then, Anita and Ebony share their reactions to Justice League while Carolyn explains that she was too busy scrutinizing Henry Cavill’s upper lip for signs of digital moustache removal to pay much attention to the film.

From there, we talk about something we all agree is very good: The Good Place, NBC’s smart, funny show about four people trying to learn how to be better people in the afterlife. All you can eat frozen yogurt! Sure sounds like heaven to us! Finally, Anita explains why she subjected herself to a Twilight movie marathon, discusses why those movies are still terrible, and tries to answer Ebony’s piercing questions about a basic plot point. Listen now, and subscribe to the podcast to get a new episode every Wednesday!

But that’s not all! Those listeners who back us on Drip get access to weekly bonus content. This week, we extend our discussion about Justice League, and Carolyn leads Anita and Ebony in a little quiz she put together: Donald Trump or Metal Gear Solid Character? We have lots of great rewards for our backers, so head on over to our Drip page and join the community today!