The FREQ Show: Manufacturing a Muslim Menace

Don’t miss the latest episode of The FREQ Show! In “Manufacturing a Muslim Menace,” we analyze the ways in which the ubiquitous, deeply harmful stereotypical representations of Muslims and Arabs as terrorists and savages in so much popular media contribute directly to Islamophobia in our culture. More than that, they cultivate a political space in which our president can ride Islamophobic sentiment straight into the Oval Office, and then pursue policies rooted in the very Islamophobia that Hollywood has done so much to cultivate.

With The FREQ Show, whose four-episode “season zero” is being released throughout May and June, we aim to answer the question, “What do representations of race, gender and sexuality in pop culture have to do with our current social and political climate?” We appreciate all the comments you’re leaving about the show on Facebook and Twitter, so please keep giving us your feedback, your questions, and your suggestions for topics you might like to see episodes on in the future!

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