The FREQ Show Is Back! Watch Our New Episode on Privilege Now.

The FREQ Show is back! This season, Ebony and Carolyn are joining the fun as we take you on a guided tour through many of the cultural forces that shape our lives every day, whether we realize it or not. In the season two premiere, we kick things off by talking all about privilege. With a little help from the character creator in the very realistic, meticulously crafted game Real Life Simulator 2K18, we explore the numerous different forms that privilege takes, how it manifests and why, and what other forces like heteronormativity and cisnormativity have to do with it. Watch this episode now and stay tuned for the rest of the season as we illuminate the interconnected web of forces such as white supremacy and misogyny that have a profound impact on how we live while simultaneously remaining seemingly invisible to so many.

We’ve also just kicked off our annual fundraising campaign which is running through the month of May! This year, we’ve set a goal of $35,000 so that we can continue doing our vital work: producing video series like The FREQ Show, our podcasts, written pieces, workshops, and more in our ongoing mission to cultivate a more equitable media landscape and a more just online world.