The First Episode of Our Brand New Halt and Catch Fire Recap FreqCast

We’ve both been huge fans of Halt and Catch Fire, AMC’s underappreciated drama following a group of brilliant, ambitious people through the early days of the PC revolution, the birth of online gaming, and now, in its fourth and final season, the explosion of the internet, for a long time. Last year, we reviewed season 3 and featured an interview with Kerry Bishé, who plays Donna on the show, in our newsletter. But for its final season, we wanted to do something else.

Rather than just have our enthusiastic conversations privately in the office each week, we want to share our enthusiasm for this show with all of you. So today, we’re happy to present the first episode in what will be an ongoing series of recaps throughout season 4. You can listen on YouTube or SoundCloud as we share our thoughts on the reconnection of Cameron and Joe, Donna’s workplace drama, Cameron’s place in the gaming culture of the early 90s, and more.

We’ll be back with new recaps after each episode airs, so stay tuned as we follow this season all the way to what we hope will be a conclusion worthy of what’s come before.