TEEN MACHOS | Machos: Fully Loaded, episode 1 | FFR 226

It’s the first episode of this season of Feminist Frequency Radio, presenting “Machos: Fully Loaded!” This week we’re going back to high school, getting to know some of the moodiest machos of all: teen machos! From big men on campus to the bad boys underneath the bleachers, we’re taking a look at the archetypes and iconic portrayals of teen masculinity on screen.

Links Mentioned:
* “Bad Boys and Hollywood Hype: Gendered Conflicts in Juvenile Delinquency Depictions” by Timothy Shary – https://www.academia.edu/12086690/Bad_Boys_and_Hollywood_Hype_Gendered_Conflicts_in_Juvenile_Delinquency_Depictions_2004_in_Where_the_Boys_Are_Cinemas_of_Masculinity_and_Youth_ed_by_Murray_Pomerance_and_Frances_Gateward
* Letterboxd viewing list: https://boxd.it/lxjVG

Time Stamps:
1:02:37 – Macho of the Week

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