Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast #2: “New Eden” – Feminist Frequency

Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast #2: “New Eden”

#Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast

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Ebony Adams

Operations Director and rogue snuffleupagus

Anita and Ebony are back on bridge duty this week with the Feminist Frequency Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast, deciphering narrative arcs, giving hair reports, steering through the highly illogical, and generally questioning what keeps us watching… other than Tilly.

In this week’s show, we share our reactions to the second episode of Discovery’s second season, “New Eden,” and unpack what worked for us [more stuff than last week]; what didn’t work [less stuff than last week]; And our frustration that Pike looks so good in a leather jacket. Listen, rate, review, and subscribe so you don’t miss a single episode!

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