STAR TREK DISCO S04, E06 & E07 with special guests STEVE SHRIVES & JESSIE GENDER

If you like Youtubers, Trekkies, and Trekkie Youtubers, this is your episode. Anita is joined by special guests Steve Shrives and Jessie “Gender” Earl to discuss episodes 6 and 7. Listen in as they share their thoughts on the first half of the season (including the, so far, stellar handling of mental health issues), their hopes and speculations for the second half of the season (like the morally grey question of how to stop the DMA), who we’re star-shipping as a couple this season (you might be rooting for them too), and most controversially, Jonathan Frakes’ direction of episode 6 (gasp!) All this and more on today’s episode of Feminist Frequency’s Star Trek Podcast!

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* Sex in Star Trek: Exploring Gene Roddenberry’s Sexual Frontier –

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