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Be warned, some of these videos are very old. Like found in the attic old.

FFR 68: Captain Marvel
#Feminist Frequency Radio

The crew is back together as we dive into all that is Captain Marvel, the newest entry in the Marvel Cinematic universe. Entertainment news this week includes Steam’s […]

Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast #8: If Memory Serves
#Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast

In this week’s episode, Ebony is joined again by “slightly delusional Star Trek fangirl” Francine Crockett, aka Spock Jones. Rather than make any more easily-googleable errors about TOS […]

The Premiere of Queer Tropes and our Patreon Launch!
#Queer Tropes

We’ve got so much amazing news! Today is the premiere of our eagerly-anticipated Queer Tropes vs. Video Games series, and we can’t wait for you to see it! […]

Queer Tropes vs Video Games: Video Games’ Relationship Status – It’s Complicated
#Queer Tropes

In this installment, we examine the complex history of gay relationships in games, from Fallout 2 in 1998 to much more recent games like Dream Daddy and The […]

Queer Tropes vs Video Games: Are You Gay or Just Coded That Way
#Queer Tropes

Video games have inherited a thing or two from the movies, including a troubling tendency to equate being gay with being evil. From The Legend of Zelda’s most […]

Queer Tropes vs Video Games: Press ‘B’ To Hate Gay People
#Queer Tropes

Throughout much of game history, from early Leisure Suit Larry adventures to the latest installment of Grand Theft Auto, gay and trans characters were rarely depicted at all […]

Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast #7: Light and Shadows
#Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast

Anita gets a little too excited when her one night stand (Tyler) and her future husband (Pike) are on an away mission together. We finally meet Disco Spock […]

FFR #66: The Oscars + Alita: Battle Angel
#Feminist Frequency Radio

This week we forgo our traditional entertainment news so Anita can talk far too long about this year’s Oscars while Ebony laughs just at her. Then we begrudgingly […]

Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast #6: Sounds of Thunder
#Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast

In this weeks episode of the Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast, Ebony and Anita are joined in Ten Forward by overly enthusiastic Star Trek fan, Sarah Gulde. Guided […]