Mark Ruffalo’s Cat-Sized Frozen Peanut Butter Dog Adventure: Feminist Frequency Radio Episode Four

In episode four of FFR, just like Riker holding down the bridge for Picard, Carolyn takes over hosting duties while Anita flies back from Europe! (Don’t worry, Anita shall return next week!) We finally meet Ashley, the mysterious fourth member of the Feminist Frequency team, who sheds some light on her role in the organization. We rave about the joyous and touching new Pixar film Coco, which centers Mexican characters and Mexican culture, and in the wake of the Infinity War trailer, we return to one of our favorite topics: superheroes, cultural notions of masculinity, and dudes punching each other in the face. Ashley reveals her feelings about both dogs and peanut butter–AND ONE OF THOSE STATEMENTS MAY SHOCK YOU! All this and much more here on Feminist Frequency Radio!

A huge thank-you to Alex at Cards Against Humanity for helping Ashley participate from the Windy City.

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