Machos Who DANCE | Machos: Fully Loaded, episode 10 | FFR 235

Strap in, Strap on, and join us on the dance floor for one last episode of our “Machos: Fully Loaded” series. Today is all about the machos with the moves. From studio musicals of the 40s and 50s to our podcast’s patron saint, Patrick Swayze, we’re tripping the light fantastic with a look at dudes who dance!

Links Mentioned:
* Machos: Fully Loaded film list –
* Gene Kelly SUMMER STOCK newspaper dance: 
* The Nicholas Brothers’ STORMY WEATHER dance: 
* “Take Off With Us” from ALL THAT JAZZ: 
* Baryshnikov on Broadway:
* Gregory Hines tap challenge in Tap:
* Swayze on SNL:
* Swayze’s PBR commercial:
Time Stamps:
1:08:48 – Macho of the Week

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