LA SKINS FEST 2020 virtual Native American film festival | Feminist Frequency Radio 146

For this week’s podcast we checked out the 14th Annual LA Skins Fest, a festival of Native American films which was held virtually this year. The festival was a great opportunity to explore films by and about indigenous people whose stories too rarely get told in mainstream media. On this episode we’ll be discussing several works which stood out to us, from documentaries, to dramas about contemporary family life, films that employed elements of sci-fi and horror to explore generational trauma, and much more.

CW: discussion of suicide as part of a film plot in our segment on Intrepidus, beginning at 42:45

Time Stamps:
3:28 – Main discussion on LA Skins Fest
10:07 – Tostu (Redbird)
19:36 – Blackfeet Boxing
28:55 – Walking Together
36:52 – The Fall
42:45 – Intrepidus
52:12 – What’s your Freq Out?
* Caro on Small Axe, collection of five original films by Steve McQueen, and the first film of the series, Mangrove

Links Mentioned:
* LA Skins Fest –
* Small Axe –

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