Introducing Our Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQCast

Last night, Star Trek Discovery premiered on CBS before immediately engaging a cloaking device, vanishing from the airwaves, and releasing episode two on the network’s new online service, for which viewers must have a paid subscription. Our intrepid explorers Anita and Ebony, both long-time fans of Star Trek, made the journey. But was it worth it?

In this first episode, Anita and Ebony dig into what they love about Star Trek (and what they don’t). Listen in as they discuss the first two episodes of the new series, “The Vulcan Hello” and “Battle at the Binary Stars.” They wrestle with the tension between Starfleet’s benevolent mission of exploration and the militaristic tone of Discovery, talk about the allure of the show putting a woman of color in command, and Ebony explains why she will be paying close attention to Lt. Burnham’s hair over the course of the season. Listen now, and come back each week for more as Star Trek Discovery’s first season continues!