Introducing Cinemaball: A New Podcast Starting April 27th!

Feminist Frequency presents Cinemaball! In our new weekly, limited-run podcast, your intrepid hosts Carolyn Petit and Ebony Aster have generated perhaps the most ridiculous excuse in history to talk about movies. The two will compete to form a chain of films, from cult classics to art house cinema to low-budget action to you-name-it, as Ebony plays defense while Carolyn tries to move the Cinemaball ever closer to a specific film starring the Muscles from Brussels himself, Jean-Claude Van Damme. What exactly links one movie to another? Criteria can be a shared actor, director, plot, or even a similar title — but each host has to agree on the connection before the game of Cinemaball can continue! Find out all about how the game works in this teaser episode, and be sure to subscribe and join us for all the fun once the podcast proper is kicked off on April 27th! You can subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher now. Cinemaball is coming to other fine podcast purveyors shortly, and is powered by Simplecast.