How Do We Unmask Anti-Asian Bigotry during COVID-19? – Dealing with Racism w/ Cayden Mak

Anti-Asian racism is on the rise so we reached out to Cayden Mak of 18 Million Rising to talk about the problem of the term model minority, building community, and what you can do to combat bigotry and be a co-conspirator. Join us as we take a dive into the subject of increased anti-Asian racism during the time of COVID-19.

01:40 – What is 18 Million Rising and what do they do?
04:23 – What makes anti-Asian racism different?
09:20 – The problem with the term “model minority”
19:27 – What does it mean to keep using offensive terms to describe COVID-19
24:44 – Co-conspirators vs. Allies
34:16 – Questions from the chat


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Hollaback! Free Bystander Intervention Training –
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