How Are You Coping with Anxiety during Isolation? Some tips from Dr. Ali Mattu

Welcome to the very first installment of the all-new Good Tips for Hard Times show. In this program, our host Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency will meet with various experts to share all the tips and tricks they use to work through tough topics ranging from anxiety and accountability to navigating anti-Asian American racism during these hard times.

In this first episode, we are speaking with noted psychologist Dr. Ali Mattu of The Psych show to discuss anxiety, stress, and fear and how it relates to COVID-19, being in lockdown, living online, collective trauma, and beyond.

02:13 – What is anxiety?
12:56 – Anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic
24:31 – Anchor your day
27:05 – Find activities to absorb your mind
31:13 – Limit your news

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