How are women represented in 1970s HOLLYWOOD? with Carolyn Petit | FFR 206

Carolyn Petit returns as special guest to lead our discussion of the 1970s on the penultimate episode of our “Hollywood by the Decade” series. She selected two acclaimed films to focus our discussion. From 1971, Alan Pakula’s KLUTE, in which Jane Fonda plays a sex worker who teams up with an investigator (played by Donald Sutherland), to search for a missing person who’d once been a client of hers. In Paul Mazursky’s 1978 film AN UNMARRIED WOMAN, Jill Clayburgh stars as an Upper West Sider who navigates dating, friendships, and parenting an independent teenage daughter in the aftermath of an unexpected divorce. Two disparate films about female characters directed by men, but connected by a very 1970s focus on character with glimpses into their inner thoughts and lives.

Links Mentioned:
* Angelica Jade Bastién’s Criterion Collection essay about An Unmarried Woman:
* “Everyone is Beautiful and No One is Horny”:
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