Halt and Catch Fire Recap FREQCast on Episode 04.08: Goodwill

In Goodwill (which Anita rightly argues would have been more aptly titled “Hangin’ in There”), the characters begin to process the loss suffered in last week’s episode, and so do Anita and Carolyn. Join us as we relive all the fantastic moments in this powerful and poignant episode, while also pondering the questions this episode raises, like: Why does it so often take a tragedy to get people to put aside the things that have stood in between them, come together,and be there for each other?


There’s only two hours of Halt left with next week’s finale, which means there’s just one more Halt recap podcast left, too. Join us again next week as we discuss how it all wraps up and bid farewell to one of the best shows on television.