Halt and Catch Fire Recap FREQCast on 04.05: Nowhere Man

After last week’s disappointing episode of Halt and Catch Fire, this week’s was a return to form, and I was joined once again by Ryan O’Donnell of Area 5 to discuss all the storylines, little character moments and throwaway visual details (the woks!) that we loved. In addition, I pronounce Anna Chlumsky’s name correctly this time, talk about Sneakers, one of Gordon’s favorite films, and discuss the meaning of the Japanese word “Itterashai,” which Cameron uses at one point as a way of saying goodbye without saying goodbye.


We’re now already at the halfway point for Halt‘s final season, and as Ryan observes, themes of trust and communication are in sharper focus now than ever before. Bos’ deception about his debt keeps making things worse for everyone; meanwhile, Cam and Joe seem to be making strides in their ability to talk to each other, and Gordon and Katie might be demonstrating for everyone how healthy communication in a relationship is done.

The biggest question on my mind right now is, “Where do things between Donna and Cameron go from here?” We speculate about that, too. Anita returns next week and we’ll be back with new recap podcasts after each episode, so join us as we see whether or not Cam and Donna can make amends and come back together as friends, and as we reluctantly prepare to say goodbye to one of our favorite shows.