Halt and Catch Fire Recap FREQCast on 04.06: A Connection Is Made

Anita has returned and she’s ready to talk all things Halt on our latest Recap FREQCast! This week’s episode of Halt covered a lot of ground, and the two of us go through season 4, episode 6, one character at a time. One big question in this episode is: What is it that makes the internet special? Haley tells Joe that it’s the freedom for people to really be themselves, to express parts of themselves that they don’t feel they can express anywhere else.


And in some ways, this episode is about people trying to find the freedom to integrate their true selves into their real, daily lives. Haley is struggling with feelings she doesn’t know what to do with, and Joe tries to make her feel better, but it’s complicated by the fact that her father Gordon doesn’t see what’s going on with her. Meanwhile Donna is plummeting, at least in part because she doesn’t like what she’s doing and who she’s become, and she seems to long for the camaraderie of her Mutiny days, yet she can’t even bring herself to talk to Cameron.

Cameron herself is still reeling from feelings of failure over her game Pilgrim, and doesn’t seem to think she has anything worthwhile left to offer. However, an opportunity comes along that may change all that, and see her soon doing what she loves again. It’s the early days of the Internet, and these characters are all working in one way or another to connect people with other people, or with the things they love. But they’re still struggling to connect with themselves, or with each other. There’s just four episodes to go now. Join us each week for another recap FREQCast as we see this final season through to the end.