HACKERS with special guest Shadi Petosky | Cyberpunk Summer SEASON FINALE | FFR 217

On the season finale of Cyberpunk Summer, we’re hacking the planet with special guest, Emmy-winning writer and producer, Shadi Petosky, discussing Hackers, a 1995 crime thriller from director Iain Softley. A crew of high school hackers led by Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie find themselves involved in a corporate conspiracy in this movie that has become a cult classic in the nearly three decades since its release.

CW: This episode includes mention of suicide.

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Time Stamps:
40:41 – What’s your Freq Out?
* Anita on the film Tampopo (1985) directed by Juzo Itami
* Shadi on HBO Max series Veneno (2020)
* Kat on the series Angelyne (2022) on Peacock

Links Mentioned:
* The Hacker’s Manifesto in the e-zine Phrack: http://www.phrack.org/issues/7/3.html
* The allegedly “hacked” promotional website for the movie: https://web.archive.org/web/20000229152611/http://www.mgmua.com/hackers/inventory/hacked/index.html

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* https://twitter.com/shadipetosky

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