GHOST IN THE MACHINE (1993) | Cyberpunk Summer, ep 8 with Mike Eagle | FFR 215

We are discussing Ghost in the Machine on this episode of Cyberpunk Summer, a 1993 horror sci-fi film from director Rachel Talalay (whose follow-up film was Tank Girl). Karen Allen plays the intended victim of a serial killer who, after his physical death, remains “alive” when his soul is transferred into a computer, where he can continue his killing spree using objects connected to the internet and electrical grid. Joining us for this episode is our special guest—comedian, podcaster, and acclaimed rapper—Open Mike Eagle.

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Time Stamps:
47:12 – What’s your Freq Out?
* Kat on this blog post:
* Mike on the Desus & Mero split
* Anita on revisiting the film Tank Girl

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