From Gone with the Wind to 30 Rock, Hollywood Scrambles to Respond | Feminist Frequency Radio 130

Cartoon voices have been recast, episodes of 30 Rock have been pulled, and Gone With the Wind has been recontextualized. In this week’s episode of FFR, we discuss the many ways that Hollywood has scrambled in recent weeks to respond to the current conversation about racial justice, and whether any of the actions being taken are actually meaningful, or are just meant to convey the appearance of meaningful action. We ask how, moving forward, we can disrupt white supremacy’s hold on the media we create, and what do we do with the sometimes-oppressive media of the past as we seek to build a better future.

Time Stamps:
2:55 – Hollywood “Responds” to Conversations About Racial Justice
44:50 – FREQ-Outs: Carolyn on Hannibal, Ebony on Mucho Mucho Amor, Anita on Sludge Life

Links Mentioned:
Imran Siddiquee’s tweet on 30 Rock:
Dr. Jason Dorwart’s thread on Come As You Are and disability representation:
Hannibal reunion:
Sludge Life, free on the Epic Store: