FIRST COW and the milk of human kindness | Feminist Frequency Radio Podcast 143

On the cusp of the 2020 US presidential election, we’re taking a look at a film set in 1820s Oregon Territory, telling the story of two men trying to make their way in the harsh frontier of the burgeoning American West. Join us on this week’s podcast, as we sink our critical teeth into this sweet cake of a “Caro film”: Director Kelly Reichardt’s 2019 film First Cow, exploring friendship, masculinity and the consequences of capitalism in a deliberately paced story filled with bright spots of light, sweetness, and memory.

Time Stamps:

13:17 – Main Discussion on First Cow
45:37 – What’s Your Freq Out?
* Caro on the film On the Rocks (2020), directed by Sofia Coppola
* Anita on the book The Library Book by Susan Orlean

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