FFR 83: Life Is Strange 2: Episode 3 – Wastelands with Tevis Thompson

On this week’s episode, Carolyn and Ebony continue their conversation about Life Is Strange 2, a conversation that started back in episode 63. Today, we’re talking about Episode 3: Wastelands, and we’re joined for our conversation by the writer and critic Tevis Thompson. Our discussion explores the ever-increasing political relevance of the series, the game’s noteworthy sincerity, the unconventional way in which it casts you as the character without the gimmicky powers, the specific impact of Cassidy and other characters, and much more. Also, Carolyn and Tevis talk about their admiration of Fortnite, and Ebony and Carolyn talk about the particular challenges of the past few weeks.


Tevis intro/Fortnite chat: 1:15

Life Is Strange 2, Chapter 3: 9:55

What’s Your FREQ-Out? 45:35

Tevis: Lyrica, a rhythm game available on Nintendo Switch

Ebony: The horror and anxiety of this moment

Carolyn: The Polygon profile, repercussions in social media, and the widespread denial of white supremacist patriarchy


Tevis Thompson’s website: http://tevisthompson.com/

Tevis’ current essay, It’s Not Coming Back: http://tevisthompson.com/its-not-coming-back/

More information about Lyrica: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/lyrica-switch/

Polygon’s new profile of Anita: https://www.polygon.com/features/2019/6/19/18679678/

FFR Episode 63 on Life Is Strange 2, episode 2: https://feministfrequency.com/video/ffr-63-life-is-strange-2-episode-2/

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