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FFR #79: John Wick 3

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Ebony Adams

Operations Director and rogue snuffleupagus
It’s finally here! We made it! We have finally arrived at our John Wick 3 episode. Carolyn and Ebony can finally calm the hell down (not bloody likely). Tune in for a discussion of the assassin economy, visual style vs narrative coherence, fairytale logic, and really digging movies that also maybekindasorta feed our most problematic desires.
Time Stamps:
  • 01:24 – Entertainment News: Moby; Leonardo DiCaprio only dates women 25 and under; #KeanuReevesWatch2019
  • 12:15 – John Wick 3 (aka The GOAT)
  • 42:25 – What’s Your FREQ Out: Stories Untold, The Unkindness of Ghosts, EEEEEatsCon LA
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